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Discover The Ultimate Secret to Building Your Audience

Mondovo Activated the Leads on their website by employing the Activate Your Audience plan

See how built and activated a robust traffic volume on their website at the cost of $0 on advertisements. Today they enjoy a very healthy traffic and conversion by using the Activate Your Audience Plan.


Chat with a content strategist to know how we can help you build your perpetual traffic.

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Turn those leads you really worked hard to get into customers. Make them trust you so that they can purchase more expensive items frequently in future.


Show your clients that you are the go-to agency for converting leads into customers. Get more respect, trust and business from your clients.

Business Owners

Find the least expensive and least stressful way to turn your leads into active buyers. Increase your organic traffic ROI without spending more on paid ads.

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the following is just a sample of what you get…

Advanced Keyword Research

An advanced keyword research uncovers the keywords your audience type as they look for content online. Reach only the people who would be interested in your products.

Custom Content Calendar

A custom content calendar that gives you a solid plan for content creation and delivery. Exceed your audience’s content needs with a solid content strategy. No more producing of arbitrary content.

2 Cornerstone Content

2 cornerstone content pieces allowing you to sell two products and reach two different niches. You basically have two businesses, hence two possible income streams.

8 Blogs

8 blogs which elaborate your cornerstone content. Also gives you more avenues for internal linking. With such comprehensive content, show your readers that you are an expert.

On-Page Optimization

Advanced on-page optimization to increase the volume of organic traffic. This improves your search engine rank and you have a site optimized for both readers and search engines.

8 Guest Posts

8 guest post pieces give you backlinks to your site which improves your rank on Google. Moreover, you get more users from the sites on which you guest-post.

Custom Analytics

Custom analytics reporting helps you know what your users are doing at all times. This allows you to do A/B testing that continuously improves your outcomes.

Google Display Ads

We help you create Google display ads that are highly targeted. This increases the ROI from PPC, which grows your business.

Social Media Ads

Super-targeted social media ad campaigns help you reach users on social media and exploit untapped markets. Increase your social media and overall ROI.

2 Lead Magnets

2 lead magnets act as ethical bribes in exchange for visitor emails. You get more leads to drive down your marketing funnel and who can convert into paying customers in the future.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns help you reach people who did not take the CTA. Reach the people who bounced, leveraging their familiarity with your business

2 Landing Pages

2 landing pages allow you to get leads for each cornerstone product. By collecting leads for each of the two cornerstone products, you have the opportunity to get twice as many leads.

3 Email Nurturing Sequences

3 Email nurturing sequences increase the level of engagement with your audience. This helps you guide leads down the funnel making them hotter leads and high-ticket items customers.

turn your leads into paying customers


You know how challenging it is to run a team where everyone has their own idea of converting leads to customers. We handle that for you.

Business Owners

Running a business is a back-breaking task. Thinking of how to make your leads paying customers is a heck of a load. Let us help you deal with that.


You want your team to see that you know what you are doing. Grow your career using our techniques. We are here for you.

what our customers think of us

If I could describe the Activate Your Audience Plan from Geeks of Digital in one word, that word would be ‘fantastic.’ After months of roaming online, buying one expensive product after another that yielded very minimal results, I came across the Activate Your Audience Plan and now, my business is growing by leaps and bounds.


Lisa D.
CEO of Premier Documents

I am going to tell you two words about the Activate Your Audience Plan: ‘It works!’ I’m done typing.




Chris B.
CMO of Raw Studio


Will I start seeing instant results?

Yes. That’s a guarantee. Our formula works. From the Perpetual Traffic Plan through to the Activate Your Audience Plan and the Scale Your Business Plan. This plan has been perfected over years of experience and it’s what we use internally at Geeks of Digital.


Do I need to pay for ads to get this plan working?

No. The Activate Your Audience Plan works based on organic traffic. We help you create amazing content that will attract your target audience helping them solve a specific burning problem. The only money you will pay is for the purchase of this product.


Will you assign me specific people from Geeks of Digital to help make this plan successful?

Yes. We have experienced content marketing experts at Geeks of Digital, who not only know how to write intriguing content, but also keep a pulse on the changes in search engine paradigms, to ensure that your site ranks regardless of the changes.


Is this the right plan for me?

Well, it depends. You see, in order to activate your audience, you need to have leads. If you already have qualified leads, well and good. But if not, you will love our Perpetual Traffic Plan, which helps you create evergreen content that always gets you leads that you can activate with this plan.