Download the Market Research Blueprint

The Market Research Blueprint

Find the Right Gap, Give Customers What They Really Need and Offer A Product or Service that Will Sell Regardless

Learn how the Market Research Blueprint can help you better understand your market, so that you can optimize your marketing based on the customer acquisition model.

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Elements of the Market Research Formula

Use A Tried and Tested Formula to Understand Your Customers

Identify customers in your niche market, where they spend time online and what they want to purchase.

Build a Profitable Sales Funnel from the Ground Up

Uncover priceless information from your marketplace. With this information, you can create a successful lead magnet, a Tripwire or a Core Offer.

Fill Out Custom Research Blueprint Worksheets

Fill out 14 custom worksheets that as you collect market intelligence on different platforms using state of the art tools.

The Market Research Blueprint Will Be Most Beneficial if You Are


Get everything you need to know about your market. Identify your target audience, their characteristics, where and what they do online and what information they are actively seeking. This is simply supply and demand. Identify the demand and discover exactly what and how to supply and reap the rewards.

Business Owner

Want to venture into new markets? Perhaps find new ways to exploit your existing market? Use the MRB guide to better understand your customers, find the right products and services to address their needs and determine the best price points for your products. Run your business confidently.


Your clients depend on you for actionable market and marketing information. Get the information you need to answer all your clients’ concerns, identify new markets so that they can entrust you with more business and referrals. Look like an expert in your customers’ eyes.

What You Will Find Inside the Market Research Blueprint

Detailed Competitor Research

  • Identify your top competitors in the market.
  • Through a comprehensive keyword research, identify profitable keywords that will better your search engine ranking and bring you more organic traffic.
  • If there are no paid competitors in the niche, the guide shows you what to do next.

Sales Funnel Research

  • Create a profitable funnel from scratch, by designing offers that your prospective customers find irresistible.
  • Use Amazon to research the profitable products and upsells that you need to profit.
  • Discover the best price points using several sources like ClickBank, and Amazon.

Multi-Platform Advert Research

  • Identify influencers and topics that customers in your market are interested in. This way, you fashion high converting and super-focused campaigns.
  • Spy on your competitors’ campaigns so that you can leverage the results of their split tests and thousands of hours and dollars worth of research.
  • Find the best networks on which to advertise your offers. The research you do is based on data, and this gets you valuable information without spending a fortune on traffic.




Comprehensive Customer Research

  • Get into your customers’ heads, and understand exactly what they want, where they are online and what they want to purchase.
  • Conduct a thorough email list analysis to understand the psychographic and demographic characteristics of your current customers.
  • Don’t have an email list? Find a new profitable niche and use it to build an email list.
  • Identify the websites your visitors go to before and after they come to your site. With this information,  you get a competitive advantage as you know where to place adverts to drive more inbound traffic.


“I really can’t believe that I got all this information about my market for FREE! You know, people think they get good deals on black Fridays or on auctions, but I just found myself the most important of them all. Just when I was about to give up and close shop, this information has really turned my business around.”

Kylie Moore – Entrepreneurship blogger


When I saw this page, I thought it was one of those plans that promises a lot but delivers very little. And I was pleasantly surprised! I started out without a niche and now, I have all the information about my market and competitors, that I can confidently spend funds on adverts.

Justin Michaels – Owner, Authentic Fashions Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer all this value for free?

We know that there is a lot of trash out there. There are lots of plans that claim to deliver results, but all they manage to do is drain your wallet, waste your time and deliver disappointing results. By offering this market research for free, we assure you that the plan works and that you can trust our products and expertise.

How long will I wait to get results?

You won’t wait. After you execute the market research, you will get instant results when you apply it. We have run our formula on thousands of customers and it has worked out for all of them, literally. So you can be sure that this is a tried-and-tested formula that delivers results.

Is there a guarantee that this plan will work?

We absolutely guarantee that the plan will work. Here’s why. All the research and insights you get are based on data that is from people who have invested money to test out different funnels and ideas. You get data from social media networks where your clients hang out the most. Basically, you get the story from the numbers.