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Marketing Audit Guide


A marketing audit offers a lot of insight into your business which can be converted into actionable takeaways.

Businesses have scaled up their website traffic by 68%, simply by doing a right audit. If you think of growing big and becoming a game-changer, get our exclusive research on how to conduct a marketing audit here for FREE!

Why should I download this FREE report?


Businesses have changed their mindset from traditional marketing to a more brand-driven approach.

With more and more businesses concentrating on building authentic traffic on their website to get a winning edge over their competition, marketing audit has become a beacon to drive traffic. And the ways of conducting one is becoming smarter, elaborate and advanced

To Know is To Win


Knowledge is power!

‘How well do you know your business?’ is a question many business owners, sadly, cannot answer. Sure, you can talk in detail about specifics but there are lots of information that you may have ignored or may have refused to look into.

A marketing audit fills that gap exactly. It will help you understand better the tiring numbers behind conversions, revenue generation, and brand recall value.

Saving Time, Money and Effort


An audit will help you understand key performance areas upclose.

This means you will get a detailed preview of where you are spending more, where you ought to spend more, which resources are under-performing or lying dormant and so on.

A marketing audit will help you stop doing the wrongs and start doing the rights.

Ready for the Future


Your current marketing audit will be relevant in the near future too. There are many aspects like revenue, conversions, lead generation and profitability that you can cover under a marketing audit and store it for later uses.

This means that whatever you find in the current business year will be a big factor to consider in the coming year.

What is the Geeks of Digital ‘Marketing Audit Guide’ about?


At Geeks of Digital we strive to deliver personalized solutions to our clients.

Digital Marketing relies heavily on relevance and a fresh perspective and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without having a marketing audit ourselves.

When we first conducted a dedicated marketing audit for our brand we felt it could be useful for our clients too.

Thus we felt it is something which will help the community in general to pull their laces up for the big digital game.


There are many tools which helps you derive specific data and conducted defined activities to improve your brand identity. Below is a set of examples for the kind of tools that you can use for data collection.

SEO tools

Analytics tools

Competitive Analysis Tools

Automation Tools

Methodological Insight

1. You can address all site penalties and clean up all the analytics error. Shortlist any gaps in overall content.

2. Spot realistic organic ranking opportunities. Enhance high-conversion pages and meta-data on your website to boost rankings.

3. Refine social media channels. Reclaim unlinked brand mentions. Respond to customer reviews through online directories.

For more insights, you can download this report for FREE here!


Is this really FREE?

Yes, we began as a group of low-on-cash individuals who learned the most of marketing tactics and strategies the hard way. This is our initiative to give something back to the community. There are many brands out there that could need our expertise and likewise, we wish to grow and change the digital marketing game for good. This Guide is just the beginning of our venture.

Is the file safe?

Yes. We have carefully vetted the file to keep it free of viruses and threats to your system.

Are there any other interesting research like these?


This is what we do all day, everyday. Head over to to get hold of more such exciting content.