What works better for brands on Facebook: Videos or Images?

    April 6th, 2018
What works better for brands on Facebook Videos or Images

So, what is your favourite form of storytelling for your fashion brand? Gifs? Memes? Statuses? Videos? Pictures?


Whatever it is, chances are you may be wrongly favouring an idea of social media post. Why? Because we found out something worth your attention!


Having followed, read, researched, analysed and spent countless nights without sleeping (oh, we love staying up all night to get lucky) we put up a lot of independent facts, figures and data to write what you will be reading in the next 10 minutes.

The result of all the labour? An in-depth understanding of the century’s biggest digital marketing question: What is more effective for your brand on Facebook; videos or photos?

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Let’s find out:

We studied three fashion brands and their Facebook activities for Q1 of 2018, and the results changed our perception about social media posting, AND we are a bunch of passionate geeks who live, breath and consume digital marketing at unhealthy levels.
The three fashion brands:

Below are the metrics and how each brand scores in different metrics on social media.

Disclaimer: Figures are for each brands’ official Facebook Page for India

You would agree with us if we say posting regularly is the key. And why not!? Even Harvard Business Review supports this fact.

But consistency can be mundane if you wish to grow beyond your daily average engagement.

Posting viral content every day is out of question. Not everyone is born PSY. So what is the way out of the clutter?

The answer lies in being more visually engaging.

Visually engaging means posting more pictures and videos. However, there are millions of brands that know this and that is exactly what is causing the clutter your brand cannot rise above.

So, how do we get by?

When we first met the numbers of these three brands with our logic, we had not realized what we would meet at the end of the research; and if at all it will be so rewarding.

All three brands had a lot to do with visually appealing their audience and eventually driving them to take action.


Take a look at the pie-chart below:

Pepe Jeans have a 48,332 engagements really low compared to its competitors: Jack & Jones which has 1,70,095 engagements and Superdry which has 1,08,202.

But when it comes to people talking about these brands, here is what we found exciting!

Pepe Jeans are the leaders with 13, 784 people talking about their brands compared to Jack & Jones’ 11,762 and Superdry’s 273.



Well, first of, people talking about a brand means its followers are mentioning the brand online creating discussions around. There are many factors at work. But the most acceptable ones are the videos which has tremendous potential of going viral.

No, we are not suggesting that images are redundant. But when it comes to riding the viral wave then video is your best way out.

Going head-to-head in numbers, these brands revealed a lot.

Do you see how Pepe Jeans automatically has an interesting graph with a variety of posts?

Here’s why pictures are losing the battle to videos!

Look at the top 10 organic posts amongst all three brands. All of them are images!

But there’s a flipside!

8 of 10 posts here are leaning heavily over the goodwill of the celebrities involved (Refer to the captions that is star-studded). We are not saying it is a bad thing. We are drawing your attention to the fact that it is a very overused strategy that begs to be left alone.

This is where video comes in.

Just look how different the video captions are.

Since videos have a longer shelf life and play time they are more compelling than images. Also, a video can include more of your brand idea with better storytelling capabilities.

The morale for your brand story.

Nothing says ‘Effortlessly Cool’ like a #plaid shirt.

Posted by Pepe Jeans London on Thursday, February 22, 2018

The ‘Plaid It Cool’ video on Pepe Jeans India page is beyond cool. Made with creative plaid psychedelic backdrop that grabs a user’s attention, the 12 second-long video smartly presents a plaid shirt in sombre tones ready for summer. One can debate how the video has less engagement compared to Jack & Jones’ post below:

Black denim from dawn till dusk! Here's Ranveer Singh spotted sporting a JACK & JONES denim. #SpottedInJackJones

Posted by JACK & JONES on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

But when it comes to making organic posts work, videos can be your best bet if you do not have a celebrity backing it. Try this, remove Ranveer Singh and put up a creative with the same t-shirt and how many people you reckon will be motivated to like it? We thought so!

Video is heading towards a bright future. You can expect to see brands fighting over the minutes of display on the internet of things. Now that data has become cheaper and easily accessible, video is your best bet when it comes to market your brand.

One of the core ideas at the heart of your video campaign should be driving a narrative that appeals to the emotional wavelength of your audience. However, there are a plethora of factors which goes into making a viral video for your social media.


To know more brand tactics and strategies that will redirect the traffic to your page eventually generating engagements and sales, get in touch with us before your competitors do.

Research Courtesy: Mondovo


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