Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands: An Exclusive Research [Updated 2018]

    March 26th, 2018

Time and again we have emphasized on the virtue of relevancy for fashion brands on social media. Ask an average user about their daily, endless struggle of maneuvering through loads of ads that fail to motivate them, you’ll get a fitting reply on how most brands just make them cringe. In the words of Bruce Barton,


“In good times people want to advertise. In bad times, they have to.”


But are these advertisements inspiring? Do they call people to take action? The answer is: not really!

And it’s not what we’d like you to take from this article as “social media marketing for fashion brands.” There is so much more to it. Read on.

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Before you go ahead and dub us blasphemous, allow us to say we aren’t saying social media marketing or fashion marketing campaigns for that matter are completely useless.

Great ads on social media do exist and all of us can name at least one fashion campaign of last year from the top of our heads. We are drawing your attention to the fact that there are more malpractices than there are creative breathers.

Here is why:

Brands throw in money but the results tell a different story for almost all of the time. We studied top 5 fashion brands in India (based on page likes) and their online presence and marketing techniques.

You can bet we now know a lot about marketing in the fashion industry. We are positive that you’ll get many marketing ideas for your fashion brand.

Social Media Marketing Strategy in Fashion Industry: An Exclusive Research

We studied top 5 fashion brands in India (based on page likes) and their online presence and marketing techniques.

It leads us to have a lot of insights about connecting with the audience, driving sales on social media and most of all – driving engagement.

These can really help when creating a marketing plan for a small clothing business or big label brands. Let’s deconstruct the practices on social media marketing and learn the tricks of the trade.

Remember that the insights presented here can be used in any business, not just as a marketing strategy for a fashion brand.

Competitive Summary

Let’s take a look at the Facebook ‘About Us’ page for all these brands. In addition to showing you how to promote your fashion brand, these insights will show you how to engage with your target audience.

Max Fashion

Max Fashion’s About page is a detailed introduction to their brand, accolades and company timeline.

This type of content helps in trust-building with the online community. This is one of the many fashion brand social media marketing strategy we’ve lined up for you.

However, they haven’t listed their ‘Products’ on the about page.


Cilory.com has a much shorter intro compared to Max Fashion. But they have kept it professional, to the point and descriptive, which suffices in fashion digital marketing.


Peachmode hasn’t revealed much for a new customer. Their About page has contact information and a ‘story’ section which takes the user to a pop-up that narrates the brand’s ideology.

This is a great idea to experiment with social media marketing for fashion brands.

Fashion and You

Fashionandyou has everything Max Fashion had on their page, plus the ‘Products’ listing.

Which ideally makes this kind of content very user-friendly to first-time visitors. It’s a perfect way to promote a clothing brand.


Voonik trades in Men’s and Women’s Fashion. But they decided to keep the About page limited to women’s fashion.

Not listing your services means you risk bouncing potential buyer off of your page. This can harm your luxury brand marketing strategy.

“You talking to me?”

The first step to understanding the dynamics of social media marketing is realizing the right audience type. Who are you selling to?

Social media is available to everyone and since people have different past, experiences, tastes, interests, culture and political opinion it is crucial that we understand who are we appealing to while marketing a clothing brand.

This is fashion social media marketing 101.

For starters, how would it feel to pitch a non-stick frying pan to a 13-year old who is blasting Lil Pump’s ‘Gucci Gang’ on their handsfree? Feels redundant, yeah?

Here’s the deal…

Fashion giants Max Fashion’s #InternationalGirlChildDay campaign was just shy of 1,00,000 organic engagements and it helped in starting a discussion over social media.

Max Fashion’s approach is a great lesson on how to market a clothing brand. The topic was simple, honest and executed brilliantly with no open ends.

Basically, it was a textbook fashion brand marketing campaign.

Sometimes, singling out target audience is hectic and probably backfires a lot. But this doesn’t mean you give up on the dirty work of marketing your fashion brand.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have integrated tools which help in specifying your audience and coming up with effective fashion marketing strategies.

Why is this important?

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have integrated tools which help in specifying your audience.

For paid campaigns, various metrics help your brand page to narrow interests, preferences, likes, and tastes of your audience. Acquaint yourself with your audience, you can crack successful fashion marketing campaigns.


Engaging thy Followers

Considering only the likes of each page will be an injustice to the marketing efforts of designers and copywriters with these brands.

For instance, FashionAndYou has 1,335,636 followers and 121 engagements to justify it. It is simply tragic.


And that’s not all:

Max Fashion has the least followers amongst all; easily a 100,000 less than FashionAndYou but their engagements are double than their followers in numbers, ie. 300,000.


Let’s look at the numbers:

The engagements rates are pretty high for brands that interact with their followers. Cilory.com and PeachMode are neck-to-neck with an acceptable disparity of few thousand engagements between them. Whereas brands like FashionAndYou and Voonik.com had clearly failed to raise interests amongst their fans.

The followers and engagement for each brand

You will agree with me when I say, “It is really hard to create a buzz with organic posts.”

I understand. Here’s what you can do to get the numbers, though.

Break the glass ceiling

Boobs sell. So does Feminism. Before people spew controversy on this post, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that for years advertisement and marketing have objectified women to sell their products.

However, we don’t want to elaborate our logic on this. The focus is on how refreshing ideas connect well with a brand’s followers. Gender equality being one.

Here’s why:

You can pick up almost any idea and do justice to it. Since fashion brands have the panache to impact the culture, they should not skip the narrative that needs to be addressed.

Primarily because most shoppers want to or would like to associate themselves with brands which influence the culture.

If you’re still wondering how to market a clothing line on social media, here are the tips:

The future is visual 

Don’t believe us? See it yourself:

Nearly all of the posts that garnered response and managed to engage the audience was either images or videos.

The future is visual! Going forward, brands need to realize that users relate themselves highly with visual content. Thanks to all the craze of WhatsApp videos, dubsmash, musically, gifs and memes. Surprisingly, these are not exclusively the realm of youngsters as commonly misconceived.

Here is the thing

A recent study found out that brands which reacted or responded using memes, videos or and gifs were more likely to be trusted by followers – especially those between 35-54; who would then go on and share these posts.

(Yes, your parents may have a sick meme game. Maybe better than you.)

  • In a report based by Social Media Today, video posts on Facebook had 135% more organic reach on social media.
  • Another report on Hubspot said 90% users found product videos helpful in decision making process.

Out of these five top market player, only Max Fashion and Voonik clearly understand the importance engaging audiences visually. Cilory.com, Fashionandyou and Peachmode had meagre or no video engagements at all.

There is something called consistency

Organic posts may not have the same traction as the paid ones. But, organic posts are what makes brands relevant to online community.

Pages that posted regularly shows up on the feed of users more than pages that posts less frequently.

Posting regularly means your page is ranked better in the feed due to the frequency of the posting. If your page has a loyal follower base, your posts are displayed to them on their feed.

Having said that, posting daily doesn’t mean you engage more people. It is received with the same frown as a spam if you’re not getting creative.

I am not going to lie to you

People don’t give a damn about ads. Wanna bet against it? Go back to the time when Youtube played an ad instead of a video you searched for!

Voonik posted 289 odd posts in entire three months. An average of 3.2 posts per day. Yet, their average engagement is the second lowest among the 5 brands.


Creativity matters!

These 5 brands share an aggregate of 550+ posts in all. But more than half of them received either no likes or engagements. If you wish to engage people with your brand, summon your creative hat.

There is no second way about it. Sure, there are ludicrous post and song going viral for no apparent reason, but a brand may seldom find traction like that.

Observe the changing trends and align your digital assets accordingly. Even big brands with a legacy have dumped the old, rigid formats and are eagerly chasing the abstract aesthetics of our age.

The Bottom Line?

When you can’t lead the show, it’s better to follow the suit.

Bollywood, The Conversation Starter, and everything else

(Are you guys asking us to go page 3?) Well, no!

Don’t mistake for a moment that Bollywood is overhyped. For some reason, it still sells well and there are millions of people on the internet who like to catch the first whiff of all the gossip.

All we are pointing out is the fact that Bollywood content drives engagement and people are crazy for B-town buzzwords. Brands like Peachmode and Max Fashion have made smart use of Bollywood elements to run contests and open discussions on their page.

Starting a conversation is a great way to get people interact with your brand. This makes a space for people to post their opinions( people love this!) and react to posts. If there is no space for dialogue, people leave without interacting with your post. The best rule is to write a creative caption with an open-ended rhetoric that seeks your audience’s’ opinion.

Cilory.com has 1.9m talking demographics, 800k more than its actual followers

Whereas, Voonik.com has 1.6m talking demographics, 400k more than it’s page follows

Cilory and Peachmode had better conversation ratio than rest of the brands combined. Considering their brand name is relevant to young fashionistas, they took advantage of this connect and made the most of it.


Don’t be boring! Being a bore is unforgivable. There’s is no hell on earth for that.

Being interesting, attentive, honest, creative, relevant, and sensitive is the key to making great posts.

People don’t like mundane especially if it is a lie packed in the garb of admiration, even in digital marketing for fashion brands.

Brands with integrity and boldness are always preferred over brands that tediously post the same recycled content every day.

We can change things for your brand!

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Research Courtesy: Mondovo


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