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Grow Your Online Business Without Losing Your Mind

Mondovo built a perpetual traffic on their website and increased it by 128% by employing the perpetual traffic plan

See how built a robust traffic on their website at the cost of $0 on advertisements. Today they enjoy a very healthy traffic and conversion by using the Perpetual Traffic plan.


Chat with a content strategist to know how we can help you build your perpetual traffic.

this plan can really benefit you if you are a:


Make your customers trust you more and buy more products from you more frequently


Impress your clients with more conversions and sales from the Scale Your Business Plan

Business Owner

Increase your ROI, have more engagements and automate your marketing process.

how this plan works

Start a 30 Minute Strategy Workshop > Pick an Engagement Option > Get Started With the Journey to Perpetual Traffic

Start a 30 Minute Strategy Workshop > Pick an Engagement Option > Get Started With the Journey to Perpetual Traffic

Start a 30 Minute Strategy Workshop > Pick an Engagement Option > Get Started With the Journey to Perpetual Traffic

among other things, you get:

Advanced Keyword Research

Advanced keyword research which gives you actionable intelligence on the user type you are targeting. Know the kind of content to create and give your target audience exactly what they want.

Custom Content Calendar

A custom content calendar, which helps you plan out the areas of content to write. This enables you to comprehensively cover all areas your audience is interested in, making you an expert in their eyes.

3 Cornerstone Content

3 cornerstone content pieces, which essentially are 3 core products. You reach visitors from different niches, giving you 3 profitable online businesses.

12 Blogs

12 blogs means that you get 4 blogs for each of the three core products you offer your prospects. You thus have internal links, which boosts your search engine rank on Google.

12 Guest Posts

12 guest posts give you at least 12 backlinks to your site. This helps you to better rank. As a bonus, your business is known by potential customers from the blogs on which you guest post.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization makes your content a better read and engages your readers more, sharing it online. This brings more people to your website.

Google Display Ads

Google display ads allow you to reach more people through PPC ads. More leads equal more conversions and higher profits.

Custom Analytics

Custom analytics reporting helps you know what your users are doing, what attracts them to your site. Get actionable information on what to do to improve information flow and reduce the bounce rate.

3 Lead Magnets

3 lead magnets afford you three valuable items to give visitors in exchange for their emails for all three cornerstone content; introducing visitors into your marketing funnel.

Social Media Ads

Social media ad campaigns enable you to reach more people on different social media networks. This means more conversions, a higher ROI and you smiling all the way to the bank.

3 Landing Pages

3 landing pages give you three platforms on which to collect visitor emails as they seek the lead magnets. You now have qualified leads that you can turn into customers.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns help you reach people who left before taking a call to action. Capitalize on the familiarity these people have with your business from past encounters and enjoy higher conversions.

6 Email Nurturing Sequences

6 email nurturing sequences give you more engagement with customers, helping you turn them into hotter leads. This increases the level of trust they have in you.

Advanced Management of Paid Ads

Advanced management of paid ads allows you to cut non-performing keywords from PPC ads fast. You only use your money on performing keywords, giving you an improved ROI.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization improves the general performance of your blog. Your website loads faster, is mobile-friendly and gives users a better experience.

what our customers think of us

If you have an online business and you want to scale it and have your customers buy even expensive products from you, look no further. Seriously. The experience and knowledge that the guys at Geeks of Digital have are cutting edge. I can’t explain how grateful I am.

Julie D.
CEO of Premier Documents

In digital marketing, you are either in one of two camps. 1) You know what you are doing and are making a killing 2) You don’t know what you are doing and are losing money hand over fist. If you want to make money through content marketing, this plan is the answer. Trust me. I have been in both camps before.

Chris B.
CMO of Raw Studio

turn your customers into high-ticket buyers


Running a team where everyone wants their ideas on scaling business to be implemented is difficult. Let us help you handle that.

Business Owners

Running a business is tough. Scaling is even tougher. We’ve got your back. Let us help.


Show your team that you are an expert at scaling online businesses. Leverage our techniques to grow your career. Seriously.


How will the Scale Your Business Plan help grow my business?

The Scale Your Business Plan allows you to turn your recently converted customers into happy clients who can buy your products at a higher frequency even if they are expensive.


Is this the right plan for me?

It depends. If you don’t have leads who have purchased some low-priced product or service from you, then you have nothing to scale. In that case, you would really benefit from our Perpetual Marketing Plan and Activate Your Audience Plan.


Will I be involved in the process?

Yes. But we’ll do most of the work for you. What we’ll need from you is your insight. You are the only one who knows the niche you are targeting and the problem you want to help them solve. We’d love to hear those insights to jumpstart the process.


Do I need to spend money to see results?

Yes and no. Yes because you need to purchase this valuable product from us. No because once the plan is in place, you enjoy lots of conversions and profit all from organic traffic.