Search Anatomy

Search engines, more specifically Google, is the boss around these parts of the web constantly monitoring EVERY content that goes up online.

Hence Google (or any other search engine for that matter) uses a complex set of algorithm to understand the ‘popularity’ of a page to rank it higher. The popularity is not defined by same standards as how people pick friends in schools or workplace. In SEO, ‘popularity’ is decided by a series of keywords, backlinking, unique content creation and more than 150 different metrics which calculate a page’s relevance in context to a visitor’s search.


SEO can be hard to understand and analyze. There are hundreds of technical terms, operational functionalities and testing that goes into Search Engine Optimization. Our in-house geeks are internet freaks who believe in crunching and churning all information and updates to give brands an edge over their competitors.


Take assumptions out of the equation


This is where we need your attention

Epic Content

Clears the clutter


Take epic content to the right audience


Ultimately, all that matters is results. Our result specialists make sure that they are engaged with you right from the start of the process and drive realistic and exceptional goals. Check out one of our case studies which highlight the key strategies deployed by Geeks to ramp up the organic presence of a client.

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