The Perpetual Traffic Plan


A Marketing Game Plan To Build Perpetual Traffic

A Simple Way To Get Perpetual Traffic That Works For Marketers, Agencies and Business Owners

Mondovo built a perpetual traffic on their website and increased it by 128% by employing the perpetual traffic plan

See how built a robust traffic on their website at the cost of $0 on advertisements. Today they enjoy a very healthy traffic and conversion by using the Perpetual Traffic plan.


Chat with a content strategist to know how we can help you build your perpetual traffic.

who can really benefit from the perpetual traffic plan?


Build your base marketing stack by using this plan and set the trajectory to build conversions.


Dazzle your clients with the results from the Perpetual Traffic Formula. They’ll come back for more.

Business Owners

Reduce paid ad budgets, get more organic traffic, a higher search engine rank, more conversions, and profits.

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here is what you will get in the perpetual traffic plan

Advanced Keyword Research

Advanced keyword research that builds your digital presence with quality traffic being driven to your website, product page or landing page. Identify the unexplored business opportunities with keyword research that identifies lead magnet and tripwire ideas.

Custom Content Calendar

A custom content calendar that helps you plan the kind of content your audience needs. Visitors will stay longer on your site and read article after article. The more they stay on your pages, the better your rank becomes.

Cornerstone Content

A cornerstone content that forms the core of the information you present to your audience. Use the cornerstone content to sell your core product. Chunk the cornerstone content to get leads and conversions.

4 Blogs

4 blogs that engage your audience with premium, highly researched content that builds lasting relationships. Take advantage of internal linking to boost your ranking.

4 Guest Posts

4 guest posts that allow you to network with other blogs in your space. You get backlinks to your site, which boosts your ranking on Google.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization making your content reader- and search-engine friendly. Your audience finds you and remain longer on the page. Your search engine rank improves and you get highly targeted and interested visitors.

Google Display Ads

Google display ads where you display highly targeted ads that only get you the most interested audience. This elevates your ROI on PPC ads and you get customers for pennies on the dollar.

Custom Analytics

Track and analyze every movement of your users on your website through custom analytics reporting. You’ll know where to improve on to get better outcomes and can do A/B tests and find techniques with the highest ROI.

Trusted by 500+ Marketers, Agencies and Business Owners, Perpetual Traffic Plan takes away your worries of driving traffic

Price: $450

improve your google ranking and enjoy an endless supply of organic traffic


You understand how hard it is to run a team in which everyone has their own idea of getting traffic. We help you fix that.


Show your team that you know what you are doing. Expand your career using our techniques. We’ve got you.

Business Owners

Running a business is tough. Adding traffic, sales and marketing to your task is crazy. Let us handle that for you.

what our customers think of us

After years of struggling to get conversions on my fashion-blog, I came across the perpetual traffic plan and now I get thousands of targeted visitors a day. $450 for this amazing product is a steal!

Leila D.
CEO of Premier Documents

Don’t think you only get perpetual traffic from this program as I did. You get a lot more. My site was not even on page 5 of Google. And in addition to getting me tons of organic traffic, my site is now on page one of Google for only $450! Thanks for the great work!

Chris B.
CMO of Raw Studio


Will I have to do the steps myself or will Geeks of Digital help me handle the execution?

Geeks of Digital helps you set up everything so you can relax and learn how the experts do it.


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

As soon as we complete the entire plan, you will instantly start seeing results. You will target the right users with the right message and they will naturally gravitate towards you.


Can I participate in the execution of the plan?

That is the idea behind the perpetual traffic plan. We need your input to understand what problem you are trying to help your readers solve, their demographics and personas. You will be in the trenches with us. But we’ll do most of the heavy lifting.


Do you have any other plans to improve my online business?
Definitely. We have two other plans connected to the perpetual traffic plan. The Activate Your Audience plan helps you turn your leads into customers. The Scale Your Business plan helps you turn your customers into high-ticket item buyers.