About Us



We help your Brand get dates!

Everyone wants to do great things with the time they’re given. But only a few pursue it against all odds. What defines us better than a bio is our work. It is our journey to create, to disrupt the status quo and to revolt against the mediocre that best describes us. To us, digital marketing is not work but a continuous research that demands one to be on their feet, aware and be learning all the time. We are the learners, we are the dreamers, we are the creators and most of all we are the relentless geeks!

Our inspiration is the ever-in-flux digital world where new buzz arrives everyday. For the interest of our brands’ growth and reach, we constantly strive to absorb the nouvelle trends and inspire to change and influence the market dynamics.


We put that ‘extra’ in the ordinary!

There is a lot of room for creativity, refreshing ideas and mostly innovative processes. Somehow, today’s market is clogged with tried-and-tested methods. Basically, every brand wishes for a smooth-sailing because conventional marketing reaps results and everyone agrees. Hey, we too! But do they get you the desired traction? We get it that in philosophical sense expectation and reality are seldom the same but what matters is how close you bridge the gap. Day-in, day-out the geeks strive to set the bar higher. Because, seriously, someone needs to do it.