Building Measurement Machine to help you make intelligent decision

We create systems that pull data from all your marketing and analytics tools, and provide you with a central view with answers to your burning questions and insight you can trust and act on.

  • The Problem We Solve

    Data is everywhere, we help you remove siloed data and make sense of it. By providing intelligent solutions, we help you move past the basic and vanity metrics. Complex and real insights like LTV, CAC, etc are hard to tie together with your financial data, we help you achieve this complexity at scale.

    Our Methodology

    Our methodology is a 3 part framework that starts with Strategy and Roadmapping, moves into Data Pipeline Development, and delivers custom dashboards answering burning questions.

  • Our Tech Stack

    We use a multitude of data points from CRM to Google Analytics to Paid Media platforms and use BigQuery to store your data. Once the data is in BigQuery, we create custom SQL models to automate and answer critical business questions. We use complete Google Stack for delivering high-performing analytics solutions.

    Data Transformation

    We create custom metrics like forecasting, acquisition vs retention, at-risk segments, buyer segmentation, basket analysis, and other complex metrics. to help you achieve critical business insights.

  • Custom Dashboard

    The end result is to have a working real-time custom dashboard for executives, senior management, and key stakeholders so that the business can focus on execution rather than digging and analyzing data. We help you save 100s of hours by automating the entire data pipeline.

    Not a one-size-fits-all solution

    Our custom solutions are not one size fits all. Every brand has a unique way of operating and we understand this uniqueness to add a custom approach through our road mapping.

  • eCommerce Marketing Analysis

    At Geeks Of Digital, we offer marketing analysis for eCommerce sites, enabling more effective customer acquisition and retention, and leading to higher revenues.

    eCommerce Forecasting

    At Geeks Of Digital, we offer eCommerce demand forecasting services that help you optimize your product offerings and improve your bottom line.

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