Content Audit and Analysis

Have you noticed that your content is failing to increase your rankings and conversions? If so, you may need content audit and analysis to resolve the issue. A content audit and analysis involves the assessment of the existing content on website properties with the goal of determining the relevance of various content assets and how those assets are affecting brand strategy. At Geeks of Digital, we offer comprehensive content analysis and content audit services.

Some of the services and features associated with an audit and analysis of website content include creating a content mapping framework, content gap analysis, ecommerce content audit, and blog content audit.

Content Audit Services

A content audit is a process of assessing the current content on website properties for its weaknesses and strength, while also evaluating how the content impacts website performance, and determining how to make it stronger and more effective.

An audit is qualitative in nature, not quantitative. You won’t find out about every last flaw in your content with an audit. With our content audit services, you have the chance to analyze your content, learn insights about it, including its past and current performance, and from this information determine what actions are required to boost rankings and conversions.

We perform key, in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of website content to uncover vital points of data about your content and that of your competitors, and translate that into actionable intelligence to create and implement a more effective content strategy.

We produce insights on unique, content topics that target customers in order to discover and offer calculated recommendations about the various formats, channels, and themes to pursue and develop. Our analysis services enable us to provide advice on increasing content consistency and authority across channels in order to create content marketing that delivers greater results for your customers and your bottom line.

Get a Content Audit and Analysis

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