Keyword Gap Analysis

Keywords form one of the important foundations in your SEO strategy. It is important not to leave out any vital, missing elements when building a robust web presence. As such, there must not be any gaps in your keyword lists. With the keyword gap analysis service we provide at Geeks Of Digital, you can find the keywords that your competitors are using and the ones you are missing.

What Is Keyword Gap Analysis?

Keyword gap analysis pinpoints the keywords that will deliver traffic to your website, but are currently only sending traffic to your competitors’ websites. Put another way, discovering gaps in your keyword lists helps you uncover important keywords that you may be currently overlooking. With this information, you can develop a list of keywords that allows you to upgrade your SEO strategy and use keywords that your competitors are also targeting.

SEO Keyword Gap Analysis for Your Website

A vital part of keyword research is identifying keyword gaps, which is also an important part of SEO competitive research.

With our keyword gap analysis, you can:

  • Discover important keywords your website is currently not using
  • Find keywords that are being used successfully on another website
  • Quickly discover valuable, high volume keywords
  • Gain a greater understanding of your audience’s interests
  • Find questions your target audience is asking
  • Generate new ideas for content from newly discovered keywords

If you want to achieve successful results or improve your current results, it is important to utilize keyword gap analysis as part of your SEO practice. This will help ensure that when your target audience searches online with important keywords, they find you and not only your competitors.

Get Keyword Gap Analysis

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