Analytics Dashboard

With the right data, a company can refine its campaigns and other processes for optimum efficiency, identifying customer needs, discovering business trends, and increasing profitability. In order to gain a clear view of what captured data means for an organization, the data must be organized and clearly displayed. This is where our analytics dashboard service comes in. Our team at Geeks Of Digital can create an analytics dashboard for your business that helps you see all of the important parameters of your website activity and performance. Examples include an eCommerce analytics dashboard and a marketing analytics dashboard.

What Is an Analytics Dashboard?

A website analytics dashboard provide a visual presentation and report that monitors web performance metrics, such as website traffic, session duration, conversion rate, and bounce rate. Online marketers use business intelligence tools and analytics to marketing metrics and KPIs with website analytics.

If you operate an agency that manages eCommerce marketing campaigns for clients, one of the most important ways to track the online store’s profitability and growth is to track results with an eCommerce analytics dashboard.

Custom Analytics Dashboard for Your Business

Most businesses share some common needs. However, some will vary from company to company. The most effective analytics dashboard is a customizable dashboard. With a customizable analytics dashboard from our team, you can focus only on the information you need and want, without having to look at unwanted data.

With your data concisely displayed in visual forms such as tables, charts, graphs, and metrics on a single page, an eCommerce or marketing analytics dashboard can help you review large quantities of data at a short glance, enabling more informed business decisions.

Get Your Own Analytics Dashboard

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