Performance Audit

Discover all the things your website is not telling you and are costing you time, energy, money, and crippling your growth.

Imagine having all the data related to your page in one place. Data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, XML sitemap, Screaming Frog, Semrush, and Ahrefs on a single spreadsheet. How much time and effort would that save you? How much guesswork would you eliminate from your work? How many hard questions from clients would you have answers to? And wouldn’t it be amazing to create a solid strategy that you know will work even before it is executed?

Research shows that on average, it takes whole marketing and SEO teams as much as 30 hours to create an SEO strategy. As a person who has worked on strategy before, you definitely understand what we are talking about. Now, imagine coming up with a comprehensive strategy in just 3 hours! How cool is that? Imagine how many more clients you will be able to serve if you remove 27 hours from each strategy session. That’s what the performance audit gives you: A 90% saving in time to create each strategy.

The tools that collect page data collect very specific pieces of data. While they do their job well, it is a challenge to get all the data for a page in one place. Performance audit assembles data from all the different sources so you have a single source of truth. Performance audit pulls data from:

What do you get once the data from different sources is assembled? Well, you can look at how each page is performing from an SEO, technical, and performance standpoint. Even better, you can see how a group of related pages are performing. This helps you to come up with laser focused hypotheses that you can test and boost your site performance.

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So, what can you do when you have all the performance data for each page on a site on the same spreadsheet? You may visualize it on a BI platform. You may create a presentation from the data. You may create charts in the spreadsheet. You could dissect, filter, turn the data upside down and inside out. This is when the moments become commonplace. You can pull the data for your or your client’s site and provide irrefutable evidence for your diagnosis and recommendations.

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