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A simple and more efficient way to work on your SEO. Gone are the days of long exhaustive SEO Contracts with agencies. We help you know what work is needed to be done on SEO. Once we do a proper Performance audit of your website, following Sprints will help understanding your SEO work.

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Know your SEO Sprints

  • Strategy Sprint

    Deliverable (upto 100 URLs)
    Turnaround time (3 Weeks)

    Google Analytics Audit Competitor Analysis Kick Off Analysis Performance Audit (upto 100 urls) Campaign Strategy

  • Optimization Sprint

    Deliverable (10 pages)
    Turnaround time (3 Weeks)

    Keyword Research (using Google App script) On page anlysis and optimization Target page setup One on one Consultation

  • Content Sprint

    Deliverable (10 ideas)
    Turnaround time (4 Weeks)

    Keyword Gap Analysis Content Audit Content strategy Content Brief (Outlines) One on one Consultation

  • Promotion Sprint

    Turnaround time (4 Weeks)

    Link Audit and Intelligence Report Link Prospecting Link Aquistion One on one Consultation

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