Dashboard Examples for Sales Analytics: Visualizing Your Pipeline and KPIs

Sales dashboards offer pertinent and actionable data related to the sales or sales process of a business, enabling the business to make profitable decisions that are data-driven rather than speculative. With the right sales dashboards based on up-to-date, relevant data, sellers can save time, stay focused on the right leads to contact, and achieve insights on how to meet quotas, among other benefits. At Geeks Of Digital, we can create a variety of sales dashboards to help you analyze sales metrics and eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you enhance your sales productivity and revenue.

What is a Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard allows data-driven sales teams to monitor and analyze important KPIs and share this data throughout an organization as needed. Beyond the visual aspect of a dashboard, it can also work in conjunction with marketing, finance, and CRM systems, enabling efficient the capture of data and discovering of important business insights that enable you to make more accurate forecasts, close more deals, and meet and exceed revenue objectives.

Here are some sales dashboard examples to consider for your business:

1. Sales Performance Dashboard

Tracking various sales performance metrics is important. One example is the rate of shopping cart abandonment for eCommerce stores. If the rate is higher than the industry average, then adjustments in the sales process are required. This dashboard can help you ensure all of your metrics meet or exceed industry averages.

2. Products Dashboard

With a products dashboard, you can track metrics that indicate the success of your business meeting product sales quotas. It can provide insights for businesses selling multiple products or standard products that have optional add-ons.

3. Sales Conversion Rate Dashboard

This dashboard enables you to evaluate and establish sales goals on a monthly and quarterly basis. It can also forecast your lead-to-customer rate, MQL-to-customer rate, and lead-to-MQL rate, plus more. This dashboard may be helpful when you need as part of your eCommerce conversion rate optimization efforts.

4. Sales Rep Dashboard

This dashboard enables sales reps to track their performance. It can include metrics for deals in the pipeline, open opportunities, booked meetings, or other sales performance indicators.

5. Sales Activities Dashboard

With a sales activities dashboard, sales managers have snapshot of the activities of their sales reps from day to day. It can provide information, such as how many activities a sales rep performed leading up to a successful deal.

The above list only scratches the surface.

There are numerous additional sales dashboard options that may be utilized to track, manage, and forecast your business sales and opportunities.

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