How To Set Up Your digital Marketing Funnel Up For Success

basics of digital marketing funnel

If you want to create a sales funnel, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of digital marketing funnel stages. Only then can you create content that appeals to prospects at each stage.

Read this article to find out the digital marketing funnel stages through which your prospects go through. We also show you exactly what to do to maintain a great customer relationship after a conversion.

Let’s get started!

Stage 1 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Discovery

After prospects visit your website, you should do everything possible to ensure that they are always coming back. One particularly successful way of doing this is through recommendation agents.

Amazon has a particularly great recommendation agent. It recommends other books viewed by people who bought the books that you are looking at. Can you create such a feature on your site?

 first stage: discovery After prospects visit your website, do everything possible to have them come back.

Another great way to keep visitors coming back to your site is by having them sign up for your email newsletter. Even after they have left your site, you can still reach them.

Stage 2 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Consideration

Customers are usually a long way through their decision-making process before visiting your website. They have a problem and are looking for the best solution to that problem.

 second stage: alternative consideration

After doing research, the time comes for the prospect to pull the trigger. Give them enough information to show that you have the best solution for them.

This shows why it is vital to address all their concerns on your website. For better results, try to use influencer strategies in every aspect of your website. Show them that you are their best shot at solving the problem.

Stage 3 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Conversion

Conversion simply refers to the act of making a sale. This is where most marketers go wrong by complicating the process and asking for all sorts of information.

You should eliminate as many clicks as possible from the purchase process. Only ask for the most critical information. Focus on closing the deal and then you can request additional information later on.

 getting referrals from customersThe purchase is not the end of the journey. Make sure you get referrals as customers tend to trust other customers more than your marketing messages.

Also, make sure you get referrals. Request your customers to share their experience of working with you with other people in their social group.

A company like Groupon appreciates referrals to such an extent that they offer to refund your purchase if three of your friends make a purchase because you referred them.

Stage 4 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Customer Relationship

The goal of every transaction with customers should be to build relationships. The thing is, though, that not every customer wants to have a relationship with you.

 value giving The key to a successful business relationship is to offer lots of value.

The solution?

Offer great value. Only when your customer receives a lot of value will they want to have a relationship with you. Think about the value you can offer your customers without annoying them.

Stage 5 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Retention

It is five times as hard and expensive to replace a customer as it is to retain an existing customer. The key to keeping your customers for as long as possible is to provide value.

If instead, you annoy them by sending irrelevant and constant messages or spamming them, they will leave you.

Stage 6 of the Digital Marketing Funnel Stages: Monitoring

The goal of monitoring is so that you can identify opportunities to optimize your digital marketing funnel. 

optimize and watch the funnelAlways keep your thumb on the pulse of your sales funnel. Only then can you identify areas that need improvement.

Why is this important?

Optimizing your digital marketing funnel allows you to push more prospects down the funnel and prevent them from leaving. You want to find the metrics in your funnel that indicate problems, highlight them and solve them.


At Geeks of Digital, we help you create a digital marketing funnel. We start by researching your niche and profiling your customers. Our in-depth research uncovers gems in the form of market gaps and opportunities.

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