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It is important to understand the buying process so that you can address all your prospects’ concerns along the way. You want the prospect to trust you such that he/she becomes a lead and finally a customer. This can be achieved through following a digital marketing funnel template.

In this article, I give you a template that you can use to create a digital marketing funnel. If possible, take notes and read this article more than once. There is a lot of great information packed into this short post.

Let’s jump right into the digital marketing funnel template!

Digital Marketing Funnel Template Phase 1: Need Recognition

If a person does not identify a need in their lives, they will obviously not make a purchase. It doesn’t matter if the problem is simple or complicated to fix.

first step: need recognition

The customer first needs to recognize a need in their lives. Otherwise, they will not buy your product

Need recognition changes from one business to another and based on a prospect’s specific needs. Understanding the emotional state of the prospect is important at this stage. 

You will present your solution to them with their emotional need in mind. 

Digital Marketing Funnel Template Phase 2: Information Search

The needs recognition step spawns a search for information. The depth of the information search depends on the intensity of the prospect’s need at that time.

 second step: information search

Since most prospects start searching for solutions using search engines, have an SEO strategy. It will pay you dividends down the road

In their search for information, the prospect may read online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends, look for coupons from their magazines and papers, look for live demos or even Google for information.

70% of buyers use Google at least twice when looking for solutions for their problems. Prospects usually look for tactical information to solve their problems.

This is where you should use link building, social media advertising, and SEO to create content. This helps your prospects to get the information about your products regardless of where they search.

Also, conduct keyword research to identify the kinds of content your prospects are actively looking for.

Digital Marketing Funnel Template Phase 3: Alternatives Evaluation

After gathering as much information as they deem necessary, your prospects start comparing the different alternatives. The time the prospects spend at this stage depends on the problem they want to solve.

At this stage, they may start free trials and demos. They may watch videos by company representatives demonstrating their products. They may even look for content that trains them on how to use the products.

step three alternative evaluation

When at the alternatives evaluation stage, you want to provide as much information as possible to show that you are the ideal solution

This is the point at which you should present your pricing guides. You want your customers to have all the information they need to make their decision. Any hidden information is your worst enemy at this stage.

Digital Marketing Funnel Template Phase 4: The Purchase Decision

This step is the culmination of all the previous steps. However, there are two things that can stop customers from making the purchase. The first is negative feedback. The second is the customer accepting this feedback.

address negative reviews

Since negative feedback from past customers could hurt your conversions, address them so that they become non-factors for the new prospects

The content you should present to your prospects is the kind that helps them feel confident in making the purchase. One good method would be to create a case study about one of your past clients.

Make sure that your case studies focus on customers in different demographics.

Digital Marketing Funnel Template Phase 5: Post Purchase

Just because a purchase decision has been made does not mark the end of the digital marketing funnel template. How you handle the customer before the purchase should be the same as after the purchase.

This is where you present onboarding tutorials. Give them all the guides they need to start using your product successfully. This will help them confirm that they made the right decision.

post purchase interaction

After they make the purchase, give your customers all the help they need to start using your product. They’ll repay you through referrals

This satisfaction will compel them to pass their experience to other people in the form or recommendations and product endorsements. If you offer a great product or service, the post-purchase behavior will take care of itself.


Most marketers think that the sales process ends with the purchase. However, you can see that you need to onboard your customers. You need to help them feel at home using your product.

Geeks of Digital helps you create a comprehensive marketing funnel from discovery to post-purchase. Our years of experience have resulted in us perfecting our formula. Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.