Sales Funnel For Digital Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding Your Market and Winning Your Customers

    August 29th, 2019
How to Create a Sales Funnel For Digital Marketing

Creating a sales funnel for digital marketing is a really important step in your business. However, isn’t it ironical that even seasoned marketers find this process challenging? Yet, a sales funnel can bring earth-shattering results in your business.

In the following article, I take you through the steps that result in the creation of a great sales funnel. Without these, you have a crippled sales funnel.

Step 1: Understand Your Target Market

The first thing that you should do when building a sales funnel for digital marketing is to know your target audience. The outcome of your research is what will enable you to build a great sales funnel.

In your research, make sure you identify the problems they face and the kinds of solutions they hope to find. Also, identify the social media channels they use.

understanding your market is the first step to creating a great sales funnel for digital marketingWithout first understanding your target market, you will build a funnel for the wrong audience.

What are the things that interest them the most? Are there any problems that particularly annoy them when buying services similar to what you offer? This is how you identify and fill a market gap.

Step 2: Create Buyer Personas for Your Sales Funnel for Digital Marketing

The buyer personas that you create should represent the different customer segments you plan to reach. There is a right and wrong way of building buyer personas.

understanding different buyers or buyer personas is necessary in creating a sales funnel for digital marketingBuyer personas help you present your product in a way that speaks to the emotions of members of the target audience.

In the right way, first, ask yourself whether they will buy your product. Then, ask yourself what things influence them to purchase the product. Finally, ask yourself how they will use the product after purchasing.

Step 3: Create a Plan on How to Generate Traffic

It is very simple: If people do not know what products you are selling, they will not make a purchase. This shows how important it is to have lead generation strategies to bring users to the site.

traffic is a must ingredient when creating a sales funnel for digital marketingHave a plan for traffic to your site. There is no point having a sales funnel if no one comes through the top.

Some of the well-known methods for traffic generation include SEO, influencer marketing, social media marketing, guest posting, landing page optimization, and PPC campaigns.

Step 4: Create a Plan On How You Will Engage Your Audience

Generating leads is useless if you have no way of engaging your audience thereafter. This is the point at which you need to let them know about your products and services.

You can achieve this by creating high-quality blogs that engage them. You can also create interesting videos, have influencers promote your products to their followers and use social media to promote your products.

offering great value to subscribers keeps them moving through the sales funnel for digital marketingWhen prospects subscribe to your blog, they want to get more content from you. Give them tons of value.

Additionally, every time you create a new blog post, use email marketing to promote it and give it as big a readership as possible. 

Step 5: Convert Your Leads

Converting leads is usually the last step in the sales funnel. You finally get to convert your visitors into paying customers. It is not a matter of whether prospects become customers, but a question of after how long.

it is paramount that you reduce friction as much as possible to increase the returns of your sales funnel for digital marketingYou want to reduce the friction in the purchase process as much as possible. Only ask for the necessary information at this stage.

Some basic ways of achieving short conversion times include reducing the number of fields in the forms they have to fill. You can also reduce the steps needed to complete the purchase.

When it comes to signing in and signing up, give your prospects one-click options. They’ll thank you through higher conversions and frequent purchases.


As you can see, creating a sales funnel is both easy and difficult. If you know the right steps, as outlined above, it is extremely easy. Without knowing the sales funnel for digital marketing, your life as a marketer is a disaster.

At Geeks of Digital, we help businesses like yours create highly functional sales funnel by going into the above steps in great depth. Contact us and we will help you make your online business something you’re proud of.


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