Using a Content Audit Framework to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

To optimize your eCommerce content and SEO for your audience, it is important to use a content audit framework to increase sales. A content audit can provide you with a complete analysis of your content and help you take steps to upgrade it for more effective performance that leads to a higher conversion rate. We provide this type of content audit service at Geeks Of Digital.

What is a Content Audit?

A content audit involves the analysis of the various contents on your website, including landing pages, product pages, blog posts, and any other written material for the purpose of knowing what content you have, its performance level, and what requires elimination or improvement.

Reasons for a Content Audit

There are various reasons to perform a content audit. Perhaps you want to organize the large quantity of pages on your website, or find out why website traffic has been slipping, or give a new content marketing or SEO manager a complete picture of your website content.

Regardless of the reason, a content analysis framework can help you discover issues with your content that need resolved, enabling the development of a strategy to enhance your content moving forward. This will involve the analysis of certain metrics to determine page performance and the steps necessary to enhance your content marketing and boost eCommerce sales.

Why Content Audits are Important

A content audit is not only a tool to improve your content marketing efforts, it is also important for SEO efforts. By knowing the effectiveness of your content relative to rankings in search engines, you can make required content improvements.

An important goal of using a content audit framework that can lead to greater eCommerce sales is ensure you have relevant and fresh evergreen content on your site, and that old, outdated content is deleted. This will keep your website content fresh for search engines and interesting for customers.

Content Audits for Ecommerce Businesses

A content audit for an eCommerce website should focus primarily on discovering what is necessary to increase revenue – for that is the main objective of an eCommerce site – sales. The ultimate goal is sales even beyond page performance or volume of website traffic. Therefore, every content piece you create or upgrade with the information gained from a content audit should directly benefit your bottom line.

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