As an online business, there are several steps involved in getting a person from being an ordinary visitor to a paying customer. We have the capacity to sift through huge volumes of data and find insights that streamline your visitors’ journey and increase your ROI.


The world around us is changing fast and with every passing moment, our digital marketing and analytics capability increases. We combine the roles of consultants, mathematicians and programmers, and base our company on the intersection of these practices. In other words, we combine arts and science at scale to uncover the story behind your data.

We let you focus on



And take care of executing the ideas into reality

Geeks Of Digital gives you fast, simple and resilient solutions which help you discover the hidden value in your data. Using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform, and others, we show you the story behind the data. This, in turn, helps grow your business.


We uncover insights from data on how to build content and campaigns to bring in perpetual traffic. We think of our data analytics capability as a new art in problem-solving. Why? Because it is impossible for traditional methods to keep up with the rate of change in today’s world.


Competition in average businesses is based on knowledge and skill. The ability to learn is what defines better businesses. However, the rarest and most special companies learn and adapt very fast based on the data at hand. We help you attain incredible conversion figures because we learn fast and help you adapt.


We bring down the cost of experimentation, allowing us to test very many things within a similar budget and timeframe. This allows us to rapidly increase the likelihood of uncovering insights and attaining success. Scaling up your online business has never been easier.


Marketing Audit

We ignore the traditional isolated and protected approaches to marketing data analytics. We instead employ interdisciplinary thinking, which is based on the idea that thinking from different perspectives will complement each other and result in a better understanding of your marketing efforts.

Custom Marketing Dashboard

Our team of strategists, designers, and technologists create a custom marketing dashboard for you. This makes your journey from data to decisions very short. It is our goal: to take the raw data, then use data engineering, data science, and decision science to give you the requisite support to make the right decisions.