Google Analytics Report Example – Learn How to Read Reports Effectively

Google Analytics Report Example - Learn How to Read Reports Effectively

For many people, Google Analytics can be overwhelming. It contains so much data.

In fact, tech-savvy individuals find it hard to unearth relevant insights. So you can imagine how much so overwhelming the tool is for non-technical users. Let us look at one important Google Analytics report example.

Which Marketing Channel Works?

In order to understand your marketing decisions, you should take a birds-eye view. In this case, we want to understand where the money comes from, hence the business impact of our decisions.

Let us look at a sample channels report which you access by going to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. 

This Google Analytics report example shows how to read any report in Analytics

This report shows us the different channels that bring in the most visitors. From this sample report, we see that organic and search account for around 68% of the traffic.

The report above is the top half of the channels report. Here is a screenshot of the second part.

This Google Analytics report example shows how each channel brings in different revenue

Now in this part of the report, we get to see that each channel brings in different revenue amounts. Let us now see some of the insights we can extract from this report.

First, the conversion rate from social media is very low. This is common. We can also see that revenue from direct traffic is high, which makes sense. This is likely because direct visitors already know you.

You can also see that most of the revenue comes from referrals, organic and direct traffic. Also, note that the conversions from referrals are quite high. There is a decent conversion rate from paid search.

Another insight we get from this report is that while affiliates are bringing in some amount of traffic, they are yet to bring a single sale. Seeing this, you can ask yourself several questions about your affiliates.

For example, ask yourself whether the landing page message and what your affiliates present is misaligned. You can also talk to affiliates or influencers to find out why people are not purchasing.

You need now to look at the money you spend to get these results. This will help you determine your ROI. You also need to think of the efforts you place into these channels so that you get sales continually.

Reading Other Reports Using this Google Analytics Report Example as a Guide

This Google Analytics report example gives us a great idea about what is working and what is not. With this information, you can take the right steps to correct the situation. Additionally, you need insights from other reports to have a better view.

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