A Short Guide to Keyword Gap Analysis for Sales Growth

With keyword gap analysis, you can discover the keywords you currently do not rank for, but that one or more of your competitors ranks for in search engine results. Your target audience is searching online for your products and/or service using particular keywords. For your content strategy to be complete, you need to know what these keywords are and then rank for them. At Geeks Of Digital, we offer a keyword gap analysis service that enables you to find and utilize important keywords in your content – the ones you are currently missing – that will result in more targeted traffic and conversions.

Areas of a Competitor’s Website to Analyze

Keyword gap analysis is a type of keyword content analysis that allows you to evaluate many areas beyond only the written content and the keywords used there, as important as that is. It also allows you to analyze other areas of a competitor’s website, including:

Title or Headline

The title or headline of a website’s content is highly important. It grabs the attention of readers and contributes to the ranking of a page. Search engines look at the title as an initial indicator of the subject matter of the page’s content to determine the page’s relevancy to a search query. Therefore, the title should include relevant keywords.

A keyword gap analysis service can help you compare the titles on your website with those of your competitors and help you upgrade your titles as needed with effective keywords to improve targeted traffic and conversion results.


The website URL is another important element in which the inclusion of the right keywords can make a significant difference. Many of your competitors may be skipping this, which can give you an advantage over them.

Alt Text

Most bloggers either ignore or avoid adding alt text to images. The addition of alt text with the right keywords can help search engines understand what is on the image and can give your website a slight advantage in website rankings.

Through keyword gap analysis you can find the keywords you should add in these areas of your website structure, even beyond the content that everyone reads.

The keywords you should go after include those that:

1. You rank for and your competitors don’t

2. Your competitors rank for and you don’t

3. You and your competitors both rank for

4. Neither you nor most of your competitors rank for

These strategies and practices give you a starting point to move forward with effective keyword gap analysis and keyword content analysis.

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