How to Build Your Own Digital Marketing Report

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Google Analytics is a must-have if you have an online business. It gives you valuable data with which you can extract insights. With the digital marketing report template, you can take analytics insights to the next level.

In this article, I present a set of digital marketing report template that can help your clients get insights from their Google Analytics account.

The Time of Day/Day of Week Transaction Report

This report gives you a detailed view of the last sales week. As such, they can determine the hours and days or a mashup of both that results in increased sales.

time of day features

The amazing thing about this report is that the clients will be able to isolate certain hours and days that perform poorly in terms of revenue. This allows you to run promotions that drive more sales.

The Conversion Funnel Visualization Report

The conversion funnel visualization report is not a custom Google Analytics report. However, your client will probably love this report the most. This report comes out of the box in Google Analytics.

Why is this important?

 funnel visualization feature in the report

The visualization report will help your clients to understand how effective their checkout funnel is. They will be able to see where their potential customers leave the checkout flow.

With this information, they can optimize their marketing efforts.

Setting Up A Funnel in Google Analytics

Before accessing any funnel data, you will have to create a funnel in Google Analytics. These are the steps for accomplishing this:

First, sign in to your Google Analytics report and click “Admin” in the navigation bar at the top.

Second, ensure that the correct “View” is selected in the right column. Choose “Goals” and then “New Goal.”

funnel setup in report template

Third, name your goal “Goal_Checkout” and choose “Destination URL” as the type of goal. Hit continue.

Fourth, add your thank you page as the destination. This can be the after checkout page or payment confirmed button. Turn on the “Funnel” option. Add page extensions for every step in the funnel in the right sequence.

Finally, save the goal and begin tracking how effective the flow is. As soon as you have your funnel created, you can get the report from the navigation panel by going to “Conversions > Goals > Funnel Visualization.”

Digital Marketing Report Template – A Review

Digital Marketing Report Template are some of the most amazing Google Analytics tools. In this article, we have looked at two powerful reports that give valuable insights to your customers. 

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