Important Metric to Include in Your Google Analytics Monthly Report

metrics to include in google analytics

Google Analytics has a dazzling array of metrics. If you do not understand what each one means, you will end up losing. One way to get timely reports is by setting up a Google Analytics monthly report.

In this article, we will look at the Audience reports and Pages reports. I will help you understand the meaning of the different metrics that Google Analytics presents to you and why you should monitor them every month.

metrics that matters in Google analytics

The Audience Overview Report


This is the number of individual sessions started by people who visit your site in a certain time period. 

Now here’s the interesting thing about sessions:

If a user remains inactive on the site for at least 30 minutes, any future activity will be recorded as a new session. If the user returns within 30 minutes, they still remain in the original session.

Unique Visitors

When a person visits your site for the first time, they are recorded as a unique visitor. If they come back again in the future, they are recorded as additional visits. No longer are they unique.


Pageviews is the total page number that visitors view on the website in the course of the reporting period.


This is the average number of pages that each visitor views during each individual visit.

Average Visit Duration

If you have set up collection pages, then the average visit duration is the mean period of time that visitors spend a collection of pages.

New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors

If a person visits your site for the first time, they are recorded as a new visitor. On the other hand, a returning visitor is one who has visited your site at least once during a particular reporting period.

Google Analytics will show you a pie chart that compares the two different types of users.


The city metrics show you the ten cities where your visitors came from. It is important to note that with regards to mobile devices, city location may be inaccurate.

Pages Report

Page Title

These are the pages viewed by visitors during a certain reporting period sorted in descending order. The Page Title refers to content in the page’s <title> tags.


Pageviews are the times a particular page was viewed during the time in question.

Average Time on Page

This is the mean period that people spend on a certain page.


Entrances refer to the times the page in question was the landing page of the various sessions.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the proportion of customers who visited a single page on the site and left. The bounce rate of a particular page shows you the percentage of visitors who landed and left from the same page.


This shows the percentage of visitors who viewed that page as their last before leaving. 

What Data Will Your Google Analytics Monthly Report Contain?

Understanding what the metrics in Google Analytics reports represent is important if you want to make the right decisions on the future of your website. This article has shown some of the metrics you should have in your Google Analytics Monthly report.

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