Easy To Read Google Analytics Report for Client

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Conversions are important metrics that your clients will want information about. They are completions that visitors made on the site. Conversions are so important that they should be in the Google Analytics reports for clients.

In this article, I show you the different conversion metrics that your audience may be interested in. As every client is unique, you should customize the reports to suit each one of them.

Different Types of Conversion Data

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Conversions Based on The Channel

In this regard, your clients will want to know which channels contribute the most to the conversions. The breakdown of data can help the client focus their investment.

Top Converting Pages

The benefit of looking at the top converting pages is that it helps to identify the points where the messaging is compelling and the calls to action that are the best.

 top converting pages report

This shows you the pages that perform the best or the worst.

Reverse Goal Funnel

The reverse goal funnel presents another opportunity to identify any pages that users may not have entered through on their way to complete their goals.

Armed with this information, you can refine your calls to action, messaging and internal linking strategies.

Assisted Conversions

Assisted conversions help in illustrating when a certain channel made the introduction, but another channel resulted in the conversion. The benefit is that you can show where the first contact was made and what contributions the other channels made towards the conversion.

Conversions Based on the Geographic Region

If your business targets people from a certain geographic region, this report will be most valuable for you. When you know where your conversions come from, you can determine the best product offering per region.

The conversions by geographic area can help marketers understand where to target their campaigns by geographic area.

Which Google Analytics Reports for Clients – A Summary

As you have seen, the theme with any Google Analytics reports for clients is that you should not look at conversion data from just one angle. Look at conversion data from every possible angle.

Consequently, the above reports can really help managers and marketers understand how their business is performing from all angles. Also, there is no one-size-fits-all Google Analytics reporting template.

It will take some trial and error before you find the best mix of what to report on. Moreover, the reporting structure should evolve to meet changing needs.

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