How To Use The Google Analytics Report Interface

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Even if you have built an awesome site, without knowing your visitors, their origin, the pages they visit and how long they stay on the site you are wasting your time and money. That’s where this Google Analytics reports tutorial comes in.

Google Analytics solves this problem as it gives you intelligence on-site traffic. With this, you can find ways to enhance the site.

Real-Time Reports

The Real-Time report gives you important data regarding site visitors. Under Overview, you get to identify the actual visitor numbers on your site and the number of pages viewed per minute and per second.

You also get to see the keywords your active users are using, the active pages and active users per page. Other real-time data includes traffic source, location, content, events, and conversions.

what your report tell you

Audience Reports

These reports give you information about your site visitors. The Overview tab reveals the number of sessions on the site. You have the choice of seeing the reports on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Below is the graph, you can see information such as the number of users, pageviews, pages per session, average session duration, bounce rate and the percentage of new sessions.

Other tabs in the Audience report are demographics, interests, geo, behavior, technology, mobile, custom, benchmarking and users flow.

Demographics displays the ages and gender of the visitors. Interests reveal the movies, technology, news, travel among others. Geo reveals the location and language of the visitors.

Behavior shows you how the visitors interact with the site and whether they are first-time or returning visitors. Technology and mobile show you the platforms your audience uses to visit your site.

The Benchmarking tab lets you compare performance with your competitors, allowing you to better understand industry trends. You only get access to companies that share it.

Users flow shows a graph of your audience’s journey through the site. It also shows you the page where they came in through, the viewed pages as well as their exit points.

Acquisition Reports

This report shows you how your visitors ended up on your site. The report gives you a review of your referral, social, organic, and email traffic. In case you use Adwords, you get to see the performance of campaigns.

In the SEO tab, you can see the keywords your site visitors used to get to your site.

Behavior Reports

These reports reveal your visitors’ interaction with the website. This gives you a good idea about how your content is performing. Behavior Flow shows which page the visitors go to from start to finish.

Experiments let you run A/B tests to identify which are the best performing entry pages. This way, you can optimize your conversion goals. Site Content reports reveal the best-performing site content.

Site Search reports show which keywords site visitors use. You need to first set up site search for this to work. Events reports let you track certain actions such as eBook downloads on your site.

What You Have Learnt from this Google Analytics Reports Tutorial

Google Analytics has many important reports. Based on your current situation, you may find that some reports are more important than others. However, knowing the function of each report is very beneficial.

We hope this Google Analytics Reports Tutorial has shone some light on this amazing tool.

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