How to Use Keyword Gap Analysis to Outrank Your Competitors and Boost

There are various ways to perform a keyword gap analysis to achieve the results you want effectively and quickly. A keyword gap analysis helps ensure you take advantage of all of the available keywords that relate to your products and/or services, some of which your competitors may already be using. At Geeks Of Digital, we are your source for an effective keyword gap analysis service that help you benefit from keywords that will make your more competitive, improve your targeted traffic, and increase your bottom line.

Some of the ways you can apply keyword gap analysis to outrank your competition and increase sales include:

1. Target Keywords Your Competitors Rank For, But You Don’t

It is important to find any missing keywords you may have missed during previous keyword research and for which your competitors are currently ranking. Using a keyword gap analysis, you can find these keywords and focus on the keywords that are particularly relevant to your website and your offerings. Look at the top performing keywords of your competitors and sort them by ranking positions.

Start creating new content or revising your existing content around these keywords. This will help you gradually close the keyword gap against your competitors, increasing your targeted website traffic and rankings.

2. Find Keywords You And Your Competitors Are Ranking For

When comparing the rankings of keywords that you and your competitors are using, you can discover any keywords for which your competitors are outperforming you in search engine rankings.

Make a list of the keywords for which you and your competitors currently rank. Then, identify the ones for which your competitors have the upper hand. As part of your keyword content analysis, take note of the pages and content on your website that fall behind the pages and content on your competitors’ websites that relate to these keywords.

Then re-optimize these areas of content to upgrade the relevancy and quality of the content to ensure it outperforms the content on your competitors’ sites.

3. Concentrate on Keywords That You and Most of Your Competitors Do Not Rank For

With help from a keyword gap analysis tool, you can find keywords for which neither you nor your competitors rank. These keywords can help you potentially expand your audience and boost traffic and rankings. Analyze as many competitors as you can during this process.

4. Recognize Keywords You Rank for, But Your Competitors Don’t

By discovering keywords for which your competitors do not rank, but that you do, you can further optimize your content to make it even more challenging for your competitors to ever outrank you for those keywords.

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