How to Interpret Data from The Best Google Analytics Reports

How to Interpret Data from The Best Google Analytics Reports

Using Google Analytics the first time is a bit daunting. Everything from the setup process to understanding the reports can be intimidating for beginners. Which explains why you need to know the best Google Analytics reports as you get to know your way around the tool.

That’s why in this article, I get your feet wet by introducing you to some Google Analytics’ reports

Landing Pages Report

It is a fact that your website’s visitors will enter from all manner of directions and pages. Some of them will enter your URL in their browsers, some will come from search engines and others will click on a referral link.

If you are new to the tool, you need to know the best Google Analytics reports and interpret them

The Landing Pages report in Google Analytics will let you know the pages on which your users land on your site. This information is really important when understanding how users interact with your site.

Let’s say that you notice that some of the landing pages have a very high bounce rate. You can take corrective steps to make these pages more engaging, hence reduce the bounce rate.

This report is found under Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate Report

For those who do not know what bounce rate means, it is simply the percentage of visitors that leave your site on the same page they landed on. 

However, the exit rate refers to the proportion of visitors that browse at least one page on the site before leaving.

Therefore, what the Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate Report does is to compare the bounce rate and the exit rate on different pages of your site.

To access this report, navigate to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Now, choose the “Bounce Rate” and “% Exit” from the Explorer tab. You will see a chart comparing the bounce rate and the exit rate.

After you identify the pages with a low engagement rate, you can brainstorm and fix any user experience issues on those pages. Let’s say you have a 3-page article. Users read the first two and then leave.

What this means is that there is a problem with the second page. On looking closer, you may discover that the page has a bad copy, too many adverts and links that distract them.

Why Google Analytics is So Important

Google Analytics is a staple tool for online marketers and webmasters. The problem is that unless you really understand how it works and its reports, using it will be an uphill battle.

This is why using a mixture of standard Google Analytics reports and custom reports can give you valuable insights into why your users behave the way they do on the site.

What Can You Learn from the Best Google Analytics Reports?

If you are new to Analytics, you will find the Google Analytics’ Solutions Gallery particularly helpful. From here, you can import custom reports into your Analytics account and build incredibly powerful dashboards.

This report has shown you a small sample of the Best Google Analytics Reports.

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