How to Uncover Insights From A Sample Google Analytics Report

How to Uncover Insights From A Sample Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is a great tool. Knowing how to use it and read reports is key to uncovering valuable insights about your website. This article shows you how to uncover insights from a sample Google Analytics report.

Google Analytics Reports That Highlight Traffic Sources

This is something that most small business owners are interested in. And this is not a bad thing. 

This article presents sample Google Analytics report examples to help you understand your site data

The Acquisition report in Google Analytics offers immense value and this makes it the most important of all. It tells you which channels perform the best as shown by low bounce rates.

Start by looking at the channels that are performing well, which are characterized by high conversion rates and low bounce rates. The channels that have a good amount of traffic but less conversion can be optimized.

In case you notice that organic search performs well, it indicates that you need to come up with a content marketing strategy. In case you are not getting organic traffic, it may be time to optimize the site for search engines.

If you receive low-quality referral traffic, you have an opportunity to improve. Find ways to filter out the spam. If you are receiving a large amount of social media traffic with low conversion rates, you can improve the call to action.

Google Analytics Report that Shows Popular Content

Good content is so important because customers want to learn so that they can improve themselves. Your clients want to find better ways of bringing more visitors to their sites.

Make sure your content helps clients to understand the effect their content has on traffic. The better the quality and popularity of content mean that you attract more visitors.

So your clients want to determine the topics that attract visitors to subscribe and buy from their site. Let us now look at another sample Google Analytics report: the mobile traffic report.

Mobile Traffic Performance

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because a large percentage of your traffic is likely to be from mobile devices. The mobile traffic report has the same importance as the traffic report only that it is for mobile traffic.

With this report, you get to see opportunities for mobile optimization. When used correctly, this report is very important because most of the world uses mobile devices to access the internet.

How Am I Engaging With New and Returning Visitors?

The New vs. Return Traffic report helps you keep a pulse on new traffic. You get to understand the relationship between new and returning clients. With this information, you can take meaningful action and get great returns.

The first thing you should look at is the trend of return visitors. Your site needs to attract an increasing number of return visitors. The goal is to turn new visitors into return clients.

If you notice that the proportion of return visitors on your site is low or declining, it indicates a problem with the first impression of your site. This also allows you to see where your best customers come from.


As you have seen from the above sample Google Analytics report, you can get a lot of insights to improve your content and user experience. You want to attract an increasingly new and returning visitors to your site.

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