Importance of a Google Analytics Report

importance of google analytics report

Online businesses have millions of decisions that they need to make. For example, they need to think of product curation, marketing, user experience and a myriad of other topics. That’s where knowing the best Google Analytics reports makes a difference.

In this article, let us look at some of the best ways to start using Google Analytics and how to get the best out of this amazing tool.

The Importance of Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you data that allows you to understand what customers are doing on your site, where they are going and the points at which they are getting stuck. 

This data raises questions that help you think through every element of your website, starting with the content, design, experience and product selection. Besides, when you make changes, you can verify some ideas about the site.

It is not just enough to design and develop the website. You need to give your clients professional advice because they expect a lot more than just a simple web solution.

Website Traffic Trend

The site traffic report is usually more of a starter step as it helps you ask yourself a number of questions that reveal deeper insights. It guides you on where you need to dig deeper.

From a technical perspective, one-month data does not tell you much. What you need is to compare traffic data for at least three months. 

the audience report in google analytics

Another thing that you need to observe traffic data is the conversion rate and bounce rate. Is traffic growing in quantity and quality? If so, you can pat yourself on the back. But remember to tie traffic to conversion.

Analyze, Act and Measure

Even though Google Analytics reports give us a lot of information, you need to make sense and act on that data. What you need to avoid is trying to read all the reports. Just start with one or two. 

Act on the insights you get from reports and measure their impact. As you start making data-driven decisions, you can now start introducing more reports for analytics.

Slowly but surely, you will get to the point where you are using all the big five Google Analytics reports. When that time comes, your business will be flying among the stars.

Using the Best Google Analytics Reports

As we have seen, the secret to using Google Analytics reports is to start small, take action and measure the results. Your client will consider you a hero if you know about and use the best Google Analytics reports.

Not only will your clients be well-informed, but they will also find it easy to get to the products and services they need. Everybody is a winner, which is the goal of every good business.

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