Report To Include in Your Google Analytics Report

google analytics report dashboard

In this article, we look at different reports that you can consider placing in a Google Analytics Report template. This will give the clients extra insight into how their businesses are doing.

The advantage is that setting up these reports will only take a few seconds to complete.

The Customer Acquisition Report

The acquisition report is a critical report as it shows the client how a customer landed on their website. It also shows the channels that are contributing the most and the least to their online business growth.

understanding site data in analytics

This report breaks down the e-commerce data for each acquisition channel based on total revenue, the average order value as well as the conversion rate. 

With this information, the customer knows the acquisition channel with which they should increase or decrease their efforts.

The Organic Traffic Landing Page Report

It is very likely that an e-commerce business will implement a search engine optimization strategy. So as to prevent the abuse of SEO on websites, Google conceals organic keywords for your site.

The purpose of the organic traffic landing page report is to solve this problem. The report shows you which landing pages perform the best for organic traffic.

As such, you get a picture of the best landing pages brought by organic visitors. This allows you to manually assess which content and keywords may be driving organic traffic.

Email Assessment Report

In case your client intends to use email marketing to increase returning visitors to their site, the email assessment report is amazing. Among other things, it shows the impact of campaigns on sales.

When the client knows which campaign drives the greatest revenue or transactions, they can optimize their email marketing efforts. For the right results, ensure that you are using UTMs for email campaigns.

Device Comparison Report

Online shopping is fast evolving. Google already announced that shopping using mobile devices is now bigger than desktop devices. 

Here’s the deal:

Mobile users behave in a different way to their desktop counterparts. Mobile and desktop users arrive on the site through different channels and even have unique ways of interacting with the site.

That’s why it’s crucial to stage clients for success in the right way.

With the device comparison report, your customers can better comprehend the disparities between desktop and mobile customers.

Why is this important?

It will enable them to understand the difference in user behavior based on the device and the acquisition sources that drive the most profitable customers.

Google Analytics Report Template – A Review

This article has presented examples of the Google Analytics report template. You can download them and use them to give your clients more insight into how their business is performing.

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