How to Uncover Insights from Landing Page Report Google Analytics

how to uncover insight from google analytics landing page report

Of all the website analytics tools available, Google Analytics is quite a tool. The thing is, however, that Google Analytics’ robustness can make it hard to understand.

When you open Google Analytics, you will see a wide variety of reports that you can access by simply clicking on the report.

Additionally, some reports can be easy to find and understand. Also, there are reports that are more hidden and harder to interpret. As such, these reports require some manipulation to make sense.

The landing page report Google Analytics is a more intermediate level report.

I won’t lie to you…

The more obscure and difficult to interpret reports can produce some very educational insights. Let us look at the landing pages report and see the kinds of valuable data we can get from it.

landing page report data

Getting to the Landing Pages Report

The landing pages report can be accessed by going to the Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages.

Once you open the landing pages report, you will see the landing pages that attract the most traffic. They are sorted by the number of visitors that land on each page over a certain time period.

You will notice that some of the blog posts that receive a lot of visitors are not very related to the niche of your blog. The following are some of the data you get from the landing pages report.


This refers to the number of pages that the user visits as soon as they get to your site. When this metric is high, it indicates that your site is doing a great job of engaging your audience.

Average Visit Duration

This metric is the average length of time that a visitor stays on a website. It is important to note that this number is a bit inaccurate. Nonetheless, it can be a useful way to compare the performance of the page.

Percentage New Visits

The % new visits refer to the proportion of visitors that have previously visited the site.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the proportion of users that land on your site and leave without visiting any other page. Your goal as a webmaster is to always decrease the bounce rate.

The Advanced Filter On the Landing Pages Report

Let us assume that you want to know the performance of your landing pages. If your URL for your blog posts has the word “blog,” no need to worry. Otherwise, you need to find a criterion to see the traffic that reaches your site.

Setting up an advanced filter is as simple as clicking on include and typing “containing” into the text field.

A Review of the Landing Page Report Google Analytics

As you can see, the landing page report Google Analytics is a great way to determine how your pages perform. While this is an advanced report, understanding it can pay dividends.

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