Why Content Gap Analysis is Crucial for a Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is a crowded space, with businesses racing to achieve higher rankings in search engine results than their competitors. To optimize the performance of content marketing, it is important to incorporate content gap analysis. At Geeks of Digital, we offer comprehensive content gap analysis services to give your content a performance edge over your competitions’ content.

So what is a content gap analysis? It involves the analysis of your website content in comparison to that of your competitors to find what your content is lacking, enabling you to take action and fill in those gaps.

Some of the benefits of content gap analysis that involve achieving a successful content marketing strategy include:

1. Increase the Engagement of Your Audience

An analysis of your content can help you discover content you don’t currently have on your site, but would appeal to your audience. It is important to create and have content at each stage of your content marketing funnel. Ideally, you want content that your audience will love consuming – so much so that they will spend hours consuming it, whether it is blog content or pictures of your products or services. This increases the chance of converting them to provide you with their contact information or to make a purchase.

2. Boost SEO

Through content gap analysis, you can discover subjects and topics that people are searching for that your website content does not yet cover. When you take steps to add this content to your site with relevant keywords included, you give the search engines a greater opportunity to rank your pages higher.

3. Improve User Experience

With a content analysis that finds content gaps and then fills those gaps, you can produce material your audience will consume and that enhances their experience on your site or social media pages. User experience plays a significant factor in achieving high conversion rates. The better experiences your audience has on your site, the more likely they are to stay and take your desired actions, such as making a purchase.

4. Outrank Your Competition

With content gap analysis, you can focus attention on content on your competitors’ sites that is outranking your similar content. By upgrading this content, you can take an important step toward outranking your competition.

5. Increase Conversions

The ultimate goal of content gap analysis is to increase conversions. This means you will have information from the analysis that helps you upgrade and enhance your content in such a way as to motivate your audience to take your desired action, such as sign up for your mailing list or purchase your offering(s).

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