Traffic Projection

Want to know your SEO future?
(Hint: It’s in the data)

Discover your website's organic growth potential and the ROI of your SEO efforts before ever committing to a campaign.

Measure Roi

Using data-driven, organic growth projections we can forecast the return on investment from a given SEO campaign and the impact it will have on your top-line revenue.

But that’s not everything:

A 2-year projection shows how your website will perform based on your current SEO practices to clearly show the benefits a perfectly crafted campaign can have on your business and quickly assess if it makes sense for your business.

Compare Growth Scenarios

Besides your website’s data, we also extract competitor keyword data to understand how much potential your website has for growth within your market.

Then, we show you 4 scenarios plotted in 1 chart to clearly see the impact that different SEO strategies and campaigns will have on your business to safely choose the one that suits you best.

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“What will our organic traffic look like after 6 months if we implement this SEO strategy?”

-Everybody who wants to work with us

This is a typical question we get asked every time someone comes to us wanting to increase (or resurrect) their organic reach.

Look, we get it, before making any serious commitment to any given SEO strategy you want to know what results you can expect.

We thought this would be a fun problem to solve, so we set part of our team and operations to find a solution… we were very wrong.

It wasn’t as easy (or fun) as we thought it would be.

We constantly banged our heads against the wall, always trying to figure out how could we make predictions…no, not predictions, but accurate, data-driven projections of organic reach and SEO, months before we even engaged in any course of action.

Was like trying to beat Goliath with your naked hands (hard).

One day, during our quest for an answer, we came across this weird (almost whacky) way financial institutions have to predict the performance of investment funds.

And we figured: “If it works for them, there’s no reason it can’t work for us”

Needless to say… the reality was a little bit more complicated (great things don’t come easy they say).

But we modeled after them, tweaked some things, and in the end, we found a way to predict (with Nostradamus-like accuracy) 4 possible scenarios depending on the actions you engage in today:

If you sit back, chill, and do nothing

Probably nothing good for the health of your business.

What usually happens here is that your organic growth stagnates or goes downhill very quickly.

In the end, you achieve a negative growth rate and your website is left alone like a virgin island in the middle of the ocean without anyone finding it, ever.

If you improve your existing keywords

That’s better, you will see some improvements on your organic reach but still won’t deliver that exponential growth you are seeking, and over the long term it’s not sustainable, you need something more.

This is like throwing you on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean (yet again) with a couple of paddles.

You move towards shore and you may even find a cruise to help you get there… if you don’t die of thirst or a storm strikes you first.

If you optimize for new keywords

Now we are doing some high-level stuff.

Now instead of a crappy lifeboat and paddles, you have your own yacht that will take you wherever you want.

This will drive new and refreshing organic traffic, uncovering potential revenue sources in the process, but hold on, you can still do better.

If you combine the revival of your existing keywords + the optimization of new keywords

Now you will finally achieve that coveted exponential growth.

Your competition will stare at you helpless as you rise unstoppable to the top of your market.

This is the equivalent of having the coolest private island where everyone wants to go, without you barely lifting a finger.

If you combine the revival of your existing keywords + the optimization of new keywords

This process splits into 2 phases:

First, we pull in SEO data from 2 sources:

  • Google Analytics

    The tool imports your last 12 months of organic traffic data to understand past performance.


    Collects data from 3 of your SEO competitor’s keyword rankings to understand the “gaps” with your website. We can use this data to understand market cap and build “bottom-up” forecasts.

    Second, we project the organic traffic with the help of a few forecasting models from the finance world:

  • Top-down forecasting

    Takes the data from your last 12 months of organic traffic and builds a forward forecast based on that trend.

    Bottom-up forecasting (aka 'sum of the parts')

    Takes a look at the trend of each individual component in your website, and then sums them up to forecast how the whole entity will evolve forecasts.

    The final objective of all of this, is to give you a ‘big picture’ of your options when choosing an SEO strategy, so you can make the decision that will benefit your
    business the most with absolute certainty and confidence.

    So, if you want to have a clear understanding of your options, and how they will affect your organic traffic growth and your ROI, all you have to do is hit the button and talk to us.

    See you on the other side!

    Team of GeeksOfDigital, the SEO agency with Nostradamus-like power prediction.

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