Most Important Google Ad Report You Should Pay Attention to

adword report

At times, you may want to show paid ads on Google search engine results page when users type in particular keywords. What’s amazing is that the Google Adwords Report helps you optimize your adverts.

In this article, we look at some of these reports and what to look out for when reading them.

Ad Performance Report

With this report, you can view how each of your ads performed. When viewing your ad data, exercise caution because they might depend on some keywords that boosted the impressions rather than the ads themselves.

It is advisable to look at ad performance from an ad group level. You will find that if you create your campaigns with ad groups that are tightly themed, the data makes a lot more sense. 

URL Performance

With this report, you can see the performance of each destination URL. In case you use one or a few landing page URLs, you might not benefit a lot from this report.

However, if you have many URLs and if they adhere to a site hierarchy, then this report will show you the adverts and keywords that bring in the greatest returns.

performance report in google adsGoogle Adwords reports help you see how your paid campaigns are performing.

Ad Group Performance

With this report, you get to see how different ad groups performed in one or more campaigns. You should have ad groups that are tightly themed so that you can manage keywords.

While you might alter keywords from time to time, you will definitely find that it is easier to optimize 100 ad groups as opposed to 10,000 keywords.

Campaign Performance

The campaign performance report lets you see the performance data of your campaigns. You can use this report for historical purposes because Google Adwords shows this report in a single interface.

Alternatively, you can see the performance over several years divided into months. This will show you how your Adwords account performs.

Account Performance

This report shows you the performance data for the whole account. Just like the campaign performance report, you might pull this report when comparing time units against each other.

Demographic Performance

The demographic performance report lets you see performance data for your websites based on visitor demographics. The Google ad network is one of the largest in the world allowing advertisers to place ads on various sites.

demographic report The demographic report shows you who makes up your audience, their age, and gender.

Geographic Performance

The geographic performance report lets you see the performance by geographic origin. This shows you the approximate origin of your visitors based on their IP addresses.

With the insights from this report, you can optimize campaigns based on different geographical regions. If people from a certain country convert better than another, then you can focus your campaign in that region.

Search Query Performance

This report lets you see performance data for search queries that trigger ads and the received clicks. The reason for this is to identify the keyword that gets credit for the impression or conversion.

However, this may not be the actual keyword or phrase that triggered the advert. As such, with this report, you can find more keywords that trigger the ads and optimize your adverts better.

Understanding the Google Adwords Report is Key to Your Success

There are some important Google Adwords report categories that most Adwords customers are not aware of. This article looks at these reports and shows you why they are important to your Adwords campaigns.

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